BAFTAs 2013: Personal reaction

I could have done this when the Golden Globes noms were announced.  But I’m kinda lazy, plus the BAFTAs are nearer to the biggie of the awards season (the Academy Awards) so let’s rake through this year’s nominations. First of all, a sense of frustration over choice snubs from the main categories.  I would have expected gems like The Raid, Chasing Ice and Pirates! to be in the … Continue reading BAFTAs 2013: Personal reaction

Review of 2012…with extras.

Okay, around this time last year – I had seen 47 films.  This year, taking into consideration my introduction into film journalism, my grand total for 2012 (so far) is…..69.  I think.  It’s kinda weak, but it just sets a target for next year 🙂 Making more of an effort to catch-up on classics like The Third Man, Brief Encounter and Black Narcissus, the films … Continue reading Review of 2012…with extras.

Dredd – 4/5 stars

Now, Judge Dredd can’t fly, has no adamantium claws and he can’t move things with the power of his mind – he just is an incorruptible cop with a big-ass motorbike (and eventually, bionic eyes).  But he is one of the most recognisable comic characters to come out of the UK and is the longest running character of the Sci-Fi anthology 2000 AD.   Film fans … Continue reading Dredd – 4/5 stars