Suicide Squad – 2/5 stars

Welcome back 🙂 Just a warning: this is going to be a rant about a film. This is one of those films that had to be watched before it can be duly slated. After its trailers built up fan expectation, Suicide Squad has been dubbed the DC’s Guardians of the Galaxy. However, its Marvel counterpart had some sense – this doesn’t. Following from the events … Continue reading Suicide Squad – 2/5 stars

Films to Look Forward to: 2016

So, a new year of films is among us.  But what to watch? This little guide will help 🙂 January 1/1 Joy 8/1 Hateful Eight 15/1 Creed, Dragon Blade, Ip Man 3, The Revenant, Room 22/1 The Assassin, The Big Short 29/1 Spotlight, Youth February 5/2 Trumbo 10/2 Deadpool 12/2 Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 19/2 Bone Tomahawk March 4/3 Hail, Caesar! 11/3 Anomalisa, Kung Fu Panda … Continue reading Films to Look Forward to: 2016