Lincoln – 3/5 stars

Referring to earlier posts about the prohibition style of 2013, it seems that the American Civil War and the theme of slavery are rattling some cages during the 2012-3 awards season.  After the colourful and utterly entertaining Django, you have a more sombre and thorough take on the era with Spielberg’s epic, Lincoln. The epic biopic with Daniel Day-Lewis in the eponymous role sees Lincoln trying to … Continue reading Lincoln – 3/5 stars

BAFTAs 2013: Personal reaction

I could have done this when the Golden Globes noms were announced.  But I’m kinda lazy, plus the BAFTAs are nearer to the biggie of the awards season (the Academy Awards) so let’s rake through this year’s nominations. First of all, a sense of frustration over choice snubs from the main categories.  I would have expected gems like The Raid, Chasing Ice and Pirates! to be in the … Continue reading BAFTAs 2013: Personal reaction

The Adventures of Tintin review – 3.5/5 stars

Here’s something new. A comic book movie that is not all about superpowers and saving mankind. Tintin is on the same par as Asterix series as one of the greatest series of books/comics that no-one will have ever heard of. Now, 18 years after the death of its creator, Hergé, with the help of acclaimed director Steven Spielberg, the eponymous hero reaches the big screen. … Continue reading The Adventures of Tintin review – 3.5/5 stars