Star Trek Into Darkness – 3.5/5 stars

After a self-inflicted hiatus from this blog, I decided to revisit the whole film-review blogging business and try a slightly different approach – otherwise I might burn out. In short, I am going to write shorter articles that will (fingers crossed) be published more regularly. So, to start off with: Star Trek Into Darkness I had high hopes for the second outing for director J.J. … Continue reading Star Trek Into Darkness – 3.5/5 stars

American Pie: Reunion – 3/5 stars

Teen movies tend to follow the same formula of sex, booze and (sometimes inappropriate) nakedness.  After films like National Lampoon’s Animal House and Porky’s, teen films delved into the John Hughes era and then a homemade apple pie changed everything and re-introduced the teen movie for a new generation. For the iPod generation, American Pie is almost a rite of passage; you need to see it at … Continue reading American Pie: Reunion – 3/5 stars