Reaction on Bond 24…sorry, SPECTRE

I’m a huge Bond fan.  I was brought up on a couple of film franchises since I was a kid (the other being Police Academy) but Bond has lasted through the years, thanks to countless repeats during Easter and the odd Bank Holiday. When Sky ‘took’ over the Bond films, stopping their broadcast on terrestrial TV, there was a loss in scheduling and channel-flicking procedures so now, … Continue reading Reaction on Bond 24…sorry, SPECTRE

Sherlock Holmes – 3.5/5 stars

Sherlock Holmes has a lot to live up to.    Following last year’s hit, the eponymous hero has to also contend with being reincarnated by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, which has been showered with critical acclaim and a cult following. However, what’s wrong with a sequel filled with bromance and one of the biggest literary cliffhangers of all time? Sherlock Holmes: A Games of … Continue reading Sherlock Holmes – 3.5/5 stars