The Place Beyond The Pines – 4/5 stars

There have been lots of films that deal with the idea of a cataclysmic event that changes the direction and narrative of the story. For instance, Sliding Doors uses the ‘what-if’ situation to basically tell to different stories of the same character, taking place in parallel to each other.  It is this idea of ’cause and effect’ behind the third film by Blue Valentine director Derek … Continue reading The Place Beyond The Pines – 4/5 stars

Gangster Squad – 2/5 stars

When you look forward to a film for months, the chances of it being a disappointment sometimes never come to mind…right up until you see the first few minutes.  From then on, the highly-anticipated film ends up being an unfortunate disappointment.  It is a shame this happened in the first few weeks of the new year.   Gangster Squad is the latest film by Zombieland … Continue reading Gangster Squad – 2/5 stars

Oscars nominations 2012: Personal reaction

Right, let’s get this ball rolling. First of all, hurrah for the The Artist succeeding in getting so many nominations.  It’s been reaping the awards since the season started so this silent film will not go down quietly (geddit? 🙂) in the fight for Best Picture.  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has done remarkably well, considering it’s been on general release in just over a month. … Continue reading Oscars nominations 2012: Personal reaction

Ides of March – 3.5 stars

George Clooney is more than a pretty face. He is one of the rare actors who has made his career in front of and behind the camera.  Say what you want, but he has a unique talent to contend with the young whippersnappers of the acting world and the renowned stars of filmmakers. Ides of March is essentially a popularity contest mixed with the rules … Continue reading Ides of March – 3.5 stars