Looking Back: ‘Beauty of the Beast’ (1991)

We all have our favorite Disney film, but for those who belong to a certain generation, the films released during the Disney Renaissance era (1989-1999) hold a special place. This era saw the company produce some of their most commercially and critically successful films in Disney’s history, by injecting its own unique brand of magic into well-known fairy tales and stories. A key feature from … Continue reading Looking Back: ‘Beauty of the Beast’ (1991)

Beauty and the Beast 3D – 5/5 stars

Disney has had many hits and misses.  I always thought the 90s was their most prolific period, mainly because their releases were based on fairy tales and stories that people knew and loved.  When news came about of a certain re-release in (cringe) 3D, I refused to watch it.  However, it seemed that fate wanted me to change my mind and indulge in Beauty and the … Continue reading Beauty and the Beast 3D – 5/5 stars