Academy Award 2014 nominations: personal reaction

Well, we are well into awards season. Just over a week after the BAFTA nominations and a few days after the Golden Globes, we get the big kahuna – the Academy Award nominations. If the BAFTA nominees were anything to go by, the best approach is to play it safe and for the most part, this year’s Oscar nominees are relatively ‘safe’. American Hustle, 12 … Continue reading Academy Award 2014 nominations: personal reaction

A Separation – 4.5/5 stars

It’s a bit slow on my cine-radar, but finding out that A Separation was still showing, it was mainly curiosity that made me watch the recipient of 2012’s Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award. A Separation follows Nadar and Simin, a middle-class couple who split and the struggle that follows when Nadar hires Raziah, a working class mother to take care of his elderly father. … Continue reading A Separation – 4.5/5 stars