Pitch Perfect – 4/5 stars

There is a certain percentage of us unwilling to admit that they love Glee. Yes, I mean that series that has kids with great voices, who perform mash-ups and modernised classics.  I, myself, am perfectly happy to admit that I will dance myself silly to the Glee-inspired playlist on my music library if the mood strikes. Glee: The Movie may have been involved for a recent surge of … Continue reading Pitch Perfect – 4/5 stars

The Cinematic Education of our Youth

Be warned….this is going to get ranty.  So I apologise in advance. Kids nowadays have it easy.  I remember the days in school when passed-on notes were the best means of communication, penpals sent handwritten letters and if you wanted to watch a film before it came on TV, you need to wait a good year to rent the video.  Now, everything is done through … Continue reading The Cinematic Education of our Youth

Rock of Ages – 3/5 stars

Ah, another stage show on the big screen so you are guaranteed some catchy tunes.  Plus you have Tom Cruise as a long-haired rock star.  What’s not to love? Rock of Ages is the story of small-town girl Sherrie (Julianne Hough), who travels to Hollywood to become a star.  Thanks to aspiring musician/barback/love interest Drew (Diego Boneta), she is hired as a waitress at The … Continue reading Rock of Ages – 3/5 stars