Looper – 5/5 stars

After the dismal Men in Black III this summer, it seems that all hope was lost in finding a current, enjoyable yet smart film, which revolves around the concept of time-travel.  After his fantastic debut film Brick in 2005, Rian Johnson became a name to watch out for as a promising new director…then he made The Brothers Bloom (2008), starring Mark Ruffalo and Adrien Brody, which received lukewarm reviews. Now, he has … Continue reading Looper – 5/5 stars

Moonrise Kingdom – 5/5 stars

If there ever was an era that I’d like to go back to, it would be the 60’s.  The fashion, the music, the new ways of thinking…it would have been an interesting time to experience.  But then again, everything I know about this era comes from the movies 🙂 Moonrise Kingdom is the latest film by Wes Anderson, whose past film, the stop-motion adaptation of … Continue reading Moonrise Kingdom – 5/5 stars