A hissy fit about Cineworld and its crappy allocated seating

I am currently taking a break from writing.  I could blame it on lots of things – the temperamental weather, the constant Mr Whippy vans popping around the city, work, sleep (or lack of it) or even the lack of cinema screenings sent my way.  Obviously, press screenings for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Boyhood were too cool that my presence was … Continue reading A hissy fit about Cineworld and its crappy allocated seating

Angst from crowdsourced marketing

It’s been a while since I last wrote a blog post.  In-between work and screenings (and just plain laziness), I haven’t had a chance to put my thoughts together.  So, I’m now pulling my finger out of my ass and doing something about it. On the way home from work this week, I spotted a promo poster for Jon Favreau’s new film Chef. I have … Continue reading Angst from crowdsourced marketing

Academy Award 2014 nominations: personal reaction

Well, we are well into awards season. Just over a week after the BAFTA nominations and a few days after the Golden Globes, we get the big kahuna – the Academy Award nominations. If the BAFTA nominees were anything to go by, the best approach is to play it safe and for the most part, this year’s Oscar nominees are relatively ‘safe’. American Hustle, 12 … Continue reading Academy Award 2014 nominations: personal reaction

BAFTAS 2014: Personal reaction

This morning, the 2014 BAFTA nominations were announced. Initial reaction? Safe.  In some categories, too safe…and they seem to discount some of the acclaimed films released mid-2013 (Stoker, The World’s End, Filth), drawing more of the attention on recent releases and critic favourites from the end of last year. So, reaction… American Hustle multiple acting nods are no surprise.  Even though it is like déjà … Continue reading BAFTAS 2014: Personal reaction

BAFTAs 2013: Personal reaction

I could have done this when the Golden Globes noms were announced.  But I’m kinda lazy, plus the BAFTAs are nearer to the biggie of the awards season (the Academy Awards) so let’s rake through this year’s nominations. First of all, a sense of frustration over choice snubs from the main categories.  I would have expected gems like The Raid, Chasing Ice and Pirates! to be in the … Continue reading BAFTAs 2013: Personal reaction

Review of 2012: Things I am looking forward to…

Around this time (more or less), I wrote down a couple of films I was looking forward to watching this year – providing the apocalypse didn’t happen and I avoided any unfortunate incidents. Now, all but three of them are crossed off  (one of them I refuse to watch because I just don’t want to) so I feel it is time to review these features … Continue reading Review of 2012: Things I am looking forward to…

The Cinematic Education of our Youth

Be warned….this is going to get ranty.  So I apologise in advance. Kids nowadays have it easy.  I remember the days in school when passed-on notes were the best means of communication, penpals sent handwritten letters and if you wanted to watch a film before it came on TV, you need to wait a good year to rent the video.  Now, everything is done through … Continue reading The Cinematic Education of our Youth