Video: Guardians of the Galaxy Global Press Conference

For those who know me on social media (and in real life!), I have been going on about this event for weeks and the fact that I was filming it.

So, with around three different video capture devices in my bag (flip camera, iPad and mobile phone), I attended the global press conference for Guardians of the Galaxy and bagged a front-row seat.

This unfortunately made camera angles slightly tricky…as you will find out shortly.

The event itself was, undoubtedly, one of the funnest press conferences I’ve been to in recent years (as you will probably tell by my cackles) but when you have Chris Pratt shooting off the face of one of the Avengers to an 80’s ballad, you can’t help but laugh.

Anyway, here it is…

Note: the video has a watermark so please don’t use this without my permission.

Please excuse my amateur blips in conference filming and if I get enough views, maybe I’ll consider getting a tripod 🙂

You can check out my review of the film on Flickfeast, as well as a transcript of some of the highlights of the conference, in case the audio isn’t that great.

Thanks for reading (or in this special case, watching 😉 )

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