The Five Year Engagement – 3/5 stars

The course of true love never runs smoothly as shit happens.  This is the case in Jason Segel’s latest film, The Five Year Engagement.

Segel plays Tom, a sous-chef in San Francisco, who proposes to his girlfriend Violet (Emily Blunt) after dating for a year.  While they start to plan their wedding, Violet gets into a post-doctorate program that delays the impending nuptials. Real life, family and career eventually starts to interfere in Tom and Violet’s relationship and threatens their future together.

Unlike Judd Apatow’s previous wedding-based rom-com production Bridesmaids, The Five Year Engagement focuses more on the romantic side rather than include as many jokes as possible.  Gone are the belly laughs and cringeworthy jokes – this is your typical rom-com, stripped down to the bare essentials and then laced with the odd laugh or two.

The chemistry between Blunt and Segel is very sweet, with the former clearly enjoying a somewhat relaxed yet comedic role.  Segel has the best moments; from Tom’s difficult transitional period in Michigan to the emotional problems he eventually has to face, he shows that he can make you smile one minute and cry the next.

Following on from The Muppets, Stoller’s screenwriting co-collaboration with Segel guarantees light-hearted dialogue that leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside and this outing is no exception.  Stoller has created a refreshing film, which offers a realistic edge in an otherwise clichéd genre.

Overall,The Five Year Engagement is sweet, charming but a little too long.  Watch it if you are looking for something different but not completely new.

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