2 Days in New York – 3/5 stars

When news came out that Julie Delpy planned to release a sequel to her 2007 film 2 Days in Paris, she was clear not to make it into the Before Sunrise/Sunset of the noughties….by not recasting Adam Goldberg (who is also known as Chandler’s crazy ex-roomate Eddie from Friends) as the love interest.

2 Days in New York sees Marion (Delpy) separated from Jack (Goldberg) and settled in New York with her new boyfriend, local DJ Mingus (a relatively chilled-out Chris Rock).  With Marion’s art show looming, her widower father, promiscuous sister Rose and her waste-of-space boyfriend Manu visit her from Paris.  And so begins two days of cultural clashes and general chaos breaks loose.

The film itself is hard to pin down.  It cannot be called bohemian yet it cannot be called mainstream.  It’s tough to enjoy it as it seems to switch from being a comedy to an artistic film. From the quick edits to the lukewarm insights into Marion and Mingus’ relationship, it’s difficult to determine the film’s true merits.

However, Delpy is charismatic as Marion.  Flustered she may be, and  challenged by everyone around her, Delpy exudes a stability making her the backbone of the film, which seems to last until the somewhat pretentious half an hour.  Chris Rock is surprisingly watchable.  You can tell that he wants to be a bolder character – as he is better known for – but taking a step back to play Marion’s accommodating boyfriend, he puts in a subtler performance.  The cultural clashes between Mingus and Marion’s family are occasionally fun to watch, thanks to Marion’s father (Julie Delpy’s real-life father), sister and loser boyfriend.  All are oblivious to the problems arising from their visit, ranging from drugs and various bouts of almost-nakedness, their interactions bring out the best from Delpy and Rock.

2 Days in New York is a medium effort and even though there are genuine laughs and touching moments, they are too scattered and far-between.

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