Beauty and the Beast 3D – 5/5 stars

Disney has had many hits and misses.  I always thought the 90s was their most prolific period, mainly because their releases were based on fairy tales and stories that people knew and loved.  When news came about of a certain re-release in (cringe) 3D, I refused to watch it.  However, it seemed that fate wanted me to change my mind and indulge in Beauty and the Beast 3D.

The 1991 classic of a young woman Belle (voiced by Paige O’Hara) imprisoned in a castle by a monstrous Beast, who has been cursed to stay that way unless he falls in love with someone who loves him back by the time a magical rose loses its last petal.

Skeptics of 3D conversion to films should use this as an example.  The 3D doesn’t really do a lot and adds nothing to the tale – certain parts may look more defined but nothing stands out.  Literally.  However, seeing the animated tale showed how much animation has changed since its release. Notable for being the second animated film to incorporate computer animation technology now used by Pixar, it can be seen as a stepping stone of the modern-day animated film.

Beauty and the Beast is the same as it was eleven years ago – wonderful.  The characters and songs are memorably perfect and seeing Lumière, Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts again on the big screen does induce some fuzzy feelings.  Even the classic ballroom scene with the titular song soaring in the background touches the romantic side – regardless of how cliché it may be.

The only bad thing about this film – regardless of the 3D conversion – is that I wished they included Human Again, the song that is included in the Special Edition.  But not even these blips dent my love for this film.  It’s just pure magic.

One thought on “Beauty and the Beast 3D – 5/5 stars

  1. I never tire of this beautiful film, of the handsome beast and beautiful Belle, & all the wonderful characters.

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